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Passport Procedures


Welcome to the official web site of the United States District Court Pretrial Services Office for the Southern District of New York. This site is designed to provide convenient access to our Pretrial Office locations, forms and related information. The navigation buttons to the top lead to specific information arranged by topic. Thank you for taking the time to visit this web site.


We, the office of Pretrial Services in the Southern District of New York, are members of a national system with shared professional identity, goals and values. We facilitate the fair administration of justice and provide continuity of services throughout the judicial process.

Through our participation in the bail process, we strive to uphold the constitutional rights of the accused and reduce the rate of unnecessary detention. Through proactive and innovative supervision practices, we are committed to keeping our community safe and reducing instances of nonappearance. We provide our clients with the necessary guidance and resources to invoke long-term positive change in themselves and the community.

We achieve success in service to the courts and community through interdependence, collaboration and local initiative while treating all parties with dignity and respect. We are committed to excellence as a district and to maintaining the principles and ideals set forth in the National Charter of Excellence.


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